Letter From Kasey

I often meet people who, when they learn I’ve been in the financial business, want to tell me about their own experience with investing.  One person in particular described his extensive research and careful investing over a 16 year period. He ended with the declaration that he made a return of $0—in all of those 16 years! And, since he believed his research was completely accurate, he told me the problem was not with his methods, but with the market. We all do this. We look for external explanations when things go wrong instead of at our choices.

When it comes to our own finances and other areas of our lives, we see through the filter of our own beliefs—and we can get some pretty odd beliefs that could hold us back from success—lack of trust, belief in our eventual failure, fear that stems from listening to the media, friends and family, or esteemed leaders, to name a few. I am grateful to have had 17 years working for major brokerage firms, especially because I had “floor days.” (These were days I was assigned to the walk-in customers and those calling in for the first time.) The floor days allowed me to become acquainted with every level of what I call money consciousness. Money consciousness is the measurable and growing financial awareness that fits in nicely with the evolution of human consciousness. This is the human experience. After 17 years in the profession I became an entrepreneur with a focus on clients whose money consciousness was ready for greater, sustained abundance.

I had chosen a profession that educated me on attitudes and beliefs that allowed for financial wellbeing. And I saw first-hand how a sense of over-all wellbeing enabled clients to make better decisions for themselves.

Once on my own as a fee-based financial advisor, with no corporation (or Wall Street) to steer me to or from specific investments, I was able to focus solely on what was in the best interest of my clientele. I encountered peace and a sense of certainty in my life, and that led me to more study on this topic called wellbeing. My deep interest in the whole human expression, consciousness, and spiritual studies became very important to me, for I saw how it leads directly to a sense of overall wellbeing.  As a long time meditator, now I had time to become certified to teaching an in-depth course on it and open a meditation center. I studied Ayurveda and coaching, and began writing in earnest. That was 15 years ago. I’ve learned that the fastest and most effective path to financial success and wellbeing is a path of self-care, self-love, and a deep understanding that we can succeed. This is my mission now, to assist others in following this path.


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