Announcing Upcoming Pinky!


Kasey Claytor is pleased to let you know about her next book, a children’s book, that she both wrote and illustrated. Trained in oil painting, she decided to tackle illustrating for her children’s stories. The first one to be released, date not yet announced,  entitled, Pinky, And The Magical Secret He Kept Inside. It is based on her own stuffed animal that she is lucky to still have, after all these years. (See photo below.)

Pinky, And the Magical Secret He Kept Inside

The background: A real story!

When Kasey was 5 years old and very sick, her grandmother brought over a pink, furry, stuffed puppy. She loved it right away, and gave it an elaborate, long name, Pinky Jr. Sammy Christmas Jingle Bells Kris Roy .  A couple of years later she had a vivid, intricate dream about the toy. In it, Pinky and all her other stuffed animals traveled way out into the country at midnight, while she was asleep. They arrived at a big barn where all the other stuffed animals had come for an awards ceremony just for them!  She watched in her dream as Pinky won the most prestigious award for being the most loved stuffed puppy! The toys in charge of the ceremony sewed the award inside of his underbelly. When Kasey awoke, she felt the dog, believing it just might be true!

That memory never left her, and she always kept this little stuffed dog with her. She was finally prompted to write the story when, a few weeks ago, it was apparent his old stuffing needed to be replaced!  This, of course, brought that memory back as she was working on the old dog, and now she has written it down, (to the joy of Pinky!)

In this precious, little story we find Pinky, a small, pink, stuffed dog, wanting nothing more than to be the best loved of all the stuffed animals Francesca has. In this endearing story Pinky learns just how important his love is. From Francesca’s dream to Pinky’s big award, this little book will steal your and your children’s hearts. Who’s  to say our sweet stuffed animals aren’t real beings? Who can say they aren’t infused with the same God force that enlivens us?

Availability for the book is expected to be in June. We will offer a 20% discount for those who pre-order the book. Watch for future announcements:

  • Pre-order price of $8.19 plus tax and shipping for the soft cover (Regular price will be $10.23 plus tax and shipping)
  • Pre-order price for the e-book will be $3.99 (Regular price $4.99)
  • A launch party for parents and kids! (With very special give-aways)
  • Launch date for soft-cover, e-book, on Amazon and Kasey Claytor’s site.