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The Story of My Life by Leslie Morgan

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There are so many invisible people. People we pass every day. We see them working outside, in the stores, collecting our garbage, cleaning the malls at night. We usually don’t think about them.

Yet they deserve dignity and respect like anyone else. I want you to meet one such person.

When we bought our old home on the river, we met the man who had mowed the property for several years. He asked us if we wanted to keep him on. We were happy to already have this chore taken care of so we said yes. That was 20 years ago.

Leslie Morgan writes honestly and poignantly about his life, beginning with his adoption in Buffalo, NY, to caring for his customers lawns along a beautiful river. But in doing so, he’s endeared himself to so many with his down-home, simple ways, his generosity, pure heart, and humor. His voice comes through each sentence he wrote. We will all be better for hearing it.

All the money made on the sale of this book will be added to Les’s retirement fund.  Thank you to all who have contributed to this project for Les. 

Her is an excerpt from Les’s book:

“I would get to school in the morning and get off the bus, but not go into the school, I walked back home, 8 miles.  

     Sometimes somebody from the neighborhood came with me, or be by myself. This one time I was skipping school and walking a back way home instead of the main road, 93, and a brown car was coming down the road towards me. Then, when the car got closer, there was Aunt Helen in front of the car, and it was a Chevy. It was Aunt Helen, so I went in the woods until they passed me.  I came out and started walking again. Then, I looked back they were coming back! So, I went back in the woods. They stopped the car and got out. They started calling my name, so I came out. They took me home. Aunt Erma was with her. They said every time they got close, I’d go back in the woods.”