The Map of Money Consciousness®

Map of Money Consciousness™ Quiz
This is a short quiz designed to give you a snapshot of your level right now on the Map of Money Consciousness ™. Write down the numerical value to each response and add for the total of each level. Try not to think too much about the answers but go with your first impulse. To agree with a statement, it should be your current thought pattern.

0 = no, never or strongly disagree
1 = seldom or disagree
2 = sometimes
3 = equally yes and no
4 = fairly often, mostly agree
5 = frequently, agree
6 = yes, always, strongly agree


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Level 1

1. You find yourself blaming others for your circumstances.
2. You find yourself thinking there should be more help from the government, your employer, or someone else.

Level 2

3. Thinking of money makes you anxious.
4. You find yourself in a financial crisis.

Level 3

5. You like to dream of abundant life, but think it’s unlikely to come true.
6. You find yourself envying those who have wealth.

Level 4

7. You feel frustration or anger because you aren’t as far financially as you would like to be, or feel you should be.
8. You’ve recently been feeling ready to take on the challenge of getting your own finances in order. This is a new improvement from previously feeling overwhelmed or apathetic.

Level 5

9. You have a new feeling of inspiration to be more proactive in your financial health.
10. You are becoming interested in learning about ways to invest, have a retirement plan, and want to do more now (If you’ve held that interest for a long time, it would be a low score.

Level 6

11. You find yourself paying attention to financial or economic information (economic news, magazines, financial planning) and have a sense of financial discipline, i.e. good credit, good budgeting, and impulse control.
12. You are optimistic about your future; you’re mostly satisfied with your financial status, and money worries are beginning to fade, but you know you must remain vigilant.

Level 7

13. You now know you did the best you knew how in the past. You forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made, and you don’t blame anyone else.
14. You understand your credit score, cyclical nature of the economy, and how the markets work.

Level 8

15. You’re good at anticipating results of taking risks in business or investments, and more comfortable with risk-taking in general.
16. You have a strong sense of purpose in life and a passion for your chosen endeavors. There is harmony between your values, desires and actions. These actions provide your income.

Level 9

17. You feel financially abundant along with a great emotional satisfaction with your life.
18. You are comfortable with your financial decisions and don’t worry about making an income. Your business or investments provide whatever you need or want.

Level 10

19. You feel there isn’t any more you need, you’ve found your life’s purpose and it is generously supported.
20. You feel money isn’t a focus because so much abundance surrounds you and always will. It seems as if the whole world conspires to support you.

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