Shifting into Prosperity & Wellbeing

What we once sensed as stable and dependable in our monetary system is shifting. It will most likely range from mildly unsettling for some to crushing upheaval for others. It is up to us how we each experience it.

All the flaws in our system are cracking open for us to see. Amidst the abundance it brought, there was also dishonesty, corruption and the hopeless attempt to find happiness with the commercialization of our lives.

We may seem to be pulled in ways we’ve never experienced before. The new changes are becoming so obvious, so strong, that the awareness is unavoidable. The imminent destruction and re-integration of a new paradigm has begun.

I am as ignorant of exactly how this will all unfold as any other human on earth. We just feel its approach, its energy, its pulse. It is most important now that we take good care of ourselves and others in our lives. We must keep a sense of purpose and remain flexible to enable our success.

Imaginal cells are those cells created from the disintegration of the caterpillar in its cocoon and those cells morph into the butterfly.  Just like imaginal cells, many of us are being called to rise and bloom into a higher consciousness to solve, heal and comfort the world.

We have a greater opportunity now than ever before to position ourselves to thrive, balance, prosper, and experience wellbeing. Within chaos is the emerging pattern of a new way to exist, new freedom, equality, and compassion for our fellow sentient beings on this planet.

In the gestalt that is our lives, we have several areas that need our attention and just thinking about them can be overwhelming—but it can be very simple. Healing and raising awareness in one area affects the whole. For instance, taking care of our bodies gives us a sense of wellbeing. Reducing our debt or tackling our retirement plan also gives a sense of wellbeing; and spending some time daily in gratitude or meditation connects us to our higher self, bringing a feeling of peace. These are actually one activity: self love, self care, and merging with the infinite.


Benefiting from the changes coming:

Following every economic constriction, which we are now experiencing deeply, comes an economic expansion. Just like a rubber band stretched to its limit, the economy comes swiftly back with the force in the other direction. Now is the time to position yourselves, whether in business, a new career, more schooling, new financial plan, or any other new direction you feel inspired to go.

How do you know which way to go? Where to invest? What your purpose is? In my talk at the Natural Awakenings Health Expo February 25th at 12:30 we will discuss the details!



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