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“…This book’s eye-opening revelations about the mindsets of affluent people and its secrets to what they carry inwardly, earn it must-read status in the business resources category.

The Money Map: A Spiritual Guide for Financial Success will provide readers with invaluable advice, standing beside such works as Spiral Dynamics by Dr. Don Edward Beck Ph. D., Map of the Scale of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins M.D. Ph. D., and Integral Psychology by Ken Wilbur. The Money Map will aid anyone in discovering the most beneficial path to financial success, regardless of their current situation….” Chanticleer Book Reviews

How does your thinking and behaving create suffering in your financial life? What individual habits, actions and beliefs create poor financial health?

Discovering the answers provides solutions spiritually, materially and eventually financially. This book narrows it down from the broadest brush to specifics, first looking at the big picture—from the source of life—then shifting focus more and more, right down to the penny in your pocket and how it multiplies.

With almost forty years in the financial business, Kasey Claytor has learned about our relationship with money, which is really patterns in consciousness. Period. And there is much you can do to succeed now.

There is an insightful tool that measures your money awareness, The Map of Money Consciousness™, describing the different levels of experience and understanding with regard to financial self-sufficiency.

More Praise:

“In this book, The Money Map, Kasey Claytor blends great spiritual knowledge and values with her expertise on everything financial. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t seem to breakthrough to more prosperity, I think this book is for you. Solid financial guidance mixed with mind/body/spirit principles to raise your ‘money consciousness’ as Claytor has defined it.”

~Mark Anthony, JD, Psychic Explorer, is a world-renowned medium and is the author of critically acclaimed spiritual bestsellers, The Afterlife Frequency, Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go.

“With warmth, humanity and insight, Kasey Claytor invites readers on a transformative journey towards heightened money consciousness. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your money mindset or harmonize your financial journey with your personal growth path, this book is a wonderful companion. Kasey’s personal story resonates long after the final page, leaving you equipped to embrace a more conscious, inspired and empowered relationship with money.”

~Hema Vyas, The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™

“According to Kasey (and the many luminaries with whom she has studied), our financial situation is always affected by our habitual thinking and beliefs. In other words, what goes on inside goes on outside.

You see, money isn’t the total answer. What we really want is to be happy.

Brilliantly yet thoughtfully written, this book has something for everyone, regardless of their financial status. Highly recommended!”

~Donna Miesbach, Certified Chopra Global Meditation & Yoga Instructor, Award-winning Poet & Author


“The cumulative effect of participating in the Money Map journey is one of feeling simultaneously challenged and inspired. Use every bit of practical wisdom offered here to build an unshakable financial foundation while reaching beyond your current imaginings of what might be possible for you.”

~Elyse Hope Killoran, Prosperity Coach and creator of the multidimensional “Anchoring Prosperity” CD.




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Here is a workbook to bequeath your beliefs, ethics, values and history as a legacy to your heirs. Pass down intangibles like your knowledge and what is in your hearts..
There are questions to inspire you on various topics such as impactful life lessons, humorous family stories, good advice from your parents, and things you wish you had been taught!
Once you get into the process, you’ll realize the benefit of this exercise for you and your own growth.
This is your love letter to those who live on after you and even those who aren’t born yet. More information here. 

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This small, pink, stuffed dog, Pinky, wanted nothing more than to be the best loved of all the stuffed animals sweet Francesca had. In this endearing story Pinky learns just how important his love is. From Francesca’s dream to Pinky’s big award, this little book will steal your heart. Find out why this was written, and how it came about.

The background: A real story!

When Kasey was 5 years old and very sick, her grandmother brought over a pink, furry, stuffed puppy dog. She loved it right away, and gave it an elaborate, long name, Pinky Jr. Sammy Christmas Jingle Bells Kris Roy.  A couple of years later she had a vivid dream about the toy. In it, Pinky and all her other stuffed animals traveled way out into the country at midnight, while she was asleep. They arrived at a big barn where all the other stuffed animals had come for an awards ceremony just for them!  She watched in her dream as Pinky won the most prestigious award for being the most loved stuffed puppy! The toys in charge of the ceremony sewed the award inside of his underbelly. When Kasey awoke, she felt the dog, believing it just might be true! More About Pinky


The Light of Grace, Journeys of an Angel

Latest Novel, The Light of Grace, Journeys of an Angel,  named BOOK OF THE YEAR finalist

The Light of Grace takes readers on an epic spiritual adventure as Grace, a newly-assigned angel, is given four humans to guide: Mumbi, an innovative prehistoric girl guided to break through limitations; Garth, a devout 14th century Christian who questions his faith; Arnina, a sensitive woman in the 21st century who seeks to rid herself of anxiety and fear; and Alistair, an extraordinary man living in the 26th century who
explores the planes of consciousness.

Grace is accompanied by her loyal emissary, Aelfraed, who takes the form of a dog, a wolf, and a fox on earth so he can keep watch on Grace’s people. Follow Grace as she leaps through time and space to guide her humans through clan battles, war, space travel, lost loves, high times, and times of despair; and celebrate with her as they earn their hard-wrought wisdom.

Discover the secrets of life in a story that spans thousands of years: how angels and humans communicate, how they manifest their realities and bring forth their latent abilities.

Unleash your imagination. Discover an epic spiritual adventure through the pages of The Light of Grace.



The Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation Course

The Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation Course

Please notice we have a drop down menu of prices for seniors, students, etc. You will also need to fill out the application. Download and print here, email to and pay below with a credit card.

Or, mail to Kasey Claytor, 918 South Washington Ave. , Titusville, Fl. 32780 with your check made out to Osprey Publishing. Download complete course description here.

Course Prices

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I know...Me Too

Just Released, Kasey’s new BOOK OF POETRY
I Know…Me Too, a collection of poems

“These selected poems were written over a 40-year period. I dedicate this small collection to all the people who have touched me through these years: those who have loved me, liked me, challenged me, humored me, listened to and understood me, or even caused me pain, for in all of that I have become who I am now. Who I once was—that little girl, the young wife, mother, and career woman—are all various incarnations of myself, arising to inspire the poems found herein. I wish you experience some of the bliss that inspired the words in these poems.”

~ Kasey Claytor

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7 Big Mistakes Investors Make

The God of Anna

The story is a memoir told by Anna, about a year in her life that held serious struggles for her when she was about to turn 11 years old. This bright, introspective child lost her loving father and gradually came to realize that he had held their little family together with his charm and philosophical outlook. His strengths are lacking in Anna’s mother, and she folds in her new responsibilities. This book is written to inspire, to show that no matter how ugly life can get, the power of life itself will support you. Anna is different from most other children because she learns to look inward for answers to life’s difficulties-something that even as adults we have a hard time doing. Anna is guided and inspired by her great aunt. She discovers an inner world that will keep her safe if she will listen to it. The story is set along a grand Florida river in the 1960’s with all the lush jungle backdrop that captivates the girl. This book isn’t a common story of the abused child who waits to be rescued; Anna is a fierce and invincible force by the end of the book. The God of Anna will take you on an adventure through the world of possibilities and show you how thoughts and behavior create the life you live today. It will show how the answers to our deepest questions are found within our spirit, and how we can find glorious beauty in the dreariest situations.




7 Laws for Raising Financially Independent Kids

7 Laws for Raising Financially Independent Kids

The 7 Laws of Raising Kids to be Financially Independent introduces parents and grandparents to the powers they hold to bring a fulfilling and abundant life to their young ones. It is written for parents who seek an empowering, warm, hands-on approach to instill self-sufficiency, money skills, and Financial Harmony in their children. Financial harmony is where purpose, desires and beliefs all blend. In a unique mix of psychology and financial proficiency, the reader is guided through their children’s stages of development, from toddler into adulthood. Readers will learn how to really listen to their kids, how to foster creativity, develop discernment and an acute decision-making ability, a tolerance for risk taking and many more qualities that are essential for great success. Our school system doesn’t teach the skills necessary to be an entrepreneur, business owner, or to discover one’s true passions and purpose, but instead teaches how to be a good employee. The information in this book will give children a choice when they grow up, confident in their own ability to guide their lives in the direction of an exciting, magical, and enchanted life. A fascinating tool is provided that allows the parents to see at what level of money knowledge and financial comfort they currently are, and how they, themselves can increase their own prosperity and peace of mind.