7 Laws for Kids

7 Laws for Kids book (excerpts)


“As someone who is an author and columnist, I have the perspective to recognize talent. Your book is fantastic; in fact, it is one of the best books I have read pertaining to financial services. …I believe you’re one of the few people who have the ability to change peoples’ entire perspective. In my opinion, the ability to change the way someone views the world around them and the people within it is the most powerful form of expression.”
~ Jason Lampa,
MBA, CAIA Eqis Capital


“I absolutely love The 7 Laws of Raising Financially Independent Kids. Kasey’s financial tips are great, they are right in line with my own thoughts and beliefs. The book serves as reassurance that I am on the right track, and I plan on referring to it for reinforcement throughout parenthood. Every parent needs to read this book, no matter how strong you feel your financial sense is, there is something to be gained from Kasey’s knowledge, insight and encouragement!”
~ Jenny Evans,
BS, E-Learning Specialist


“The Seven Laws of Raising Kids to be Financially Independent by Kasey J. Claytor is a blend of informal and formal education, teaching, and coaching. Kasey’s creativity, expertise in managing money effortlessly with a touch of playfulness was engaging to me. This book is not just for parents, it needs to be in the classroom as a resource for teachers as well. The Seven Laws drew me in immediately, as I played with the Map of Money Consciousness Quiz. This quiz set the stage for the wealth of information and resources that Kasey so methodically organized. It was clear to me that Kasey’s desire is to support parents in understanding the value of educating their children about money and thus dispelling the taboos of old in not discussing money with children. This book will inform you, inspire you, provide you with insight, and will offer you how to I felt as though Kasey was there holding my hand and instructing me with ease and patience on a subject that can be difficult, challenging and some times overwhelming. As a parent of adult children I wish I would have had a book with all this information. This book would have answered for me so many questions. It could have supported and encouraged my children to lead a life of solvency and financial independence easily and effortlessly. The message is clear having money can be fun, a family affair and empowering when we know how to mange it and Kasey gives you those tools. Bravo Kasey on a masterpiece.”
~ Lorraine Edey
ACC Money and Relationship Coach


Just in time for anyone’s mid-course correction, The 7 Laws of Raising Kids to be Financially Independent opens a crack of bright day-light on a murky area for parents where the sun rarely shines. Sparkling with insight and gems of wisdom, Kasey Claytor’s book beams back a thoughtful, whole-life approach to money from the personal treasury of a highly creative entrepreneur/artist/mother/truth-seeker.”
~ Rita Caldwell, MSW


“I am so, so, so grateful for your book. I read it with great interest, ease, and passion. Money for my family has always been a struggle and I worried that I would convey to my daughter the same money messages that I received. What’s so wonderful about your book is that I came away feeling hopeful for my daughter’s financial future. The pages now have dog ears, marginal notes, exclamation points and underlines. I found myself reading and just thinking yes, yes, yes! And I love how you show the connection between all that we are and do – that it’s not only money situations that will help shape our children’s relationship with money. Thank you, Kasey, for raising my level of awareness. The Map of Money Consciousness is brilliant and really opened my eyes to where I stand and where I want to be. As a New Mom Coach, I look forward to sharing your book as a valuable resource for my clients who have financial concerns or just want help laying a great foundation for their children. Congratulations, Kasey, on helping so many others like me.”
~ Beth Morton,
CPC New Mom Coach


“Just finished your marvelous book. It’s succinct and complete. We raised three children without this little book and two are in financial straits at certain levels at this time. They’ll pull through, but if we’d had these guidelines and followed them I assure you they would have had a less difficult time than they are having now. It’s not our failure but our ignorance, and Ms. Claytor’s book sheds light that needs to be shone in dark areas that are not often discussed. They need to be. It’s almost like sex education — we’re afraid to talk about it, if we don’t, the consequences are not always positive. The most important lessons she sends are structure and discipline, and we all know that those are two keys to all sorts of success. Thank you for this light in my rear view mirror.. . I have passed it along to where I trust it will & do the most good.”
~ Arthur W. Lenhardt
Senior Manager, Securities Brokerage Industry, 40 years in the industry