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Kasey J. Claytor is the founder of Osprey Money Management LLC, a registered investment advisory firm. In addition to the typical financial planning and portfolio management one would expect, Osprey also offers wealth coaching, adding a new dimension to a successful financial program. Osprey focuses on building the emotional resilience that will make investing success more likely. She teaches others to lighten up, invest for the long term, quit watching the news and relax! She shares the knowledge that makes this possible.

Since 1983 Ms. Claytor has worked in the investment and financial advisory business, counseling clients for retirement, college funding, estate wealth transfer, and wealth building. She continually adds to her knowledge, accreditations, and education, to offer the best expertise for her clientele.

In 2000, she left a large brokerage firm to build an independent business and eventually formed Osprey Money Management, LLC. She discovered the many benefits of a fee-based advisory service, and feels that it offers her and her clientele the best options available.

She has counseled clients through every type of economic environment, helping them focus on the long term and choose portfolios that will withstand temporary economic storms.

Ms. Claytor is also an author with four financial titles, “The Money Map, a Spiritual Guide for Financial Success” “The 7 Big Mistakes Investors Make and the 7 Habits of Successful Investors”, The 7 Laws of Raising Financially Independent Kids” and “Spiritual Will & Legacy”.  She realized during her career that most people don’t really understand what makes an investor thrive. Part of their problem is allowing their emotions to dictate investment choices, such as when to buy or sell. “The 7 big Mistakes” deals with these pitfalls, and describes habits you can acquire to help you become successful. The most recent publication, “The Money Map….”, is based on her popular Money Map quiz, which shows you where you are on a ‘money consciousness’ scale, and what to do to raise yourself to the next level and beyond. “Spiritual Will & Legacy”, is a guide to record what you want to bequeath; your beliefs, ethics, values and history as a legacy to your heirs.

With over 30+ years of experience, she developed a comprehensive approach to guiding individuals to financial health. Her advisory business was flourishing, but she wanted more. She began teaching, coaching, and offering programs because she wanted to create an environment where people can come to learn, restore themselves, and find true prosperity.

For years Ms. Claytor has studied methods to enrich, enliven, and bring wellbeing to her readers; she became certified to teach meditation and Ayurveda, adding new programs for attendees and clients. In areas where people are not experiencing wellbeing, she gently guides them toward transformation into their more expanded, true selves, so that all areas of life are expressed with an ease that makes every day enjoyable. This is her mission. She believes that the power to grow in self-knowledge and awareness makes desired states and situations not only possible, but highly probable.

Her children’s book, Pinky, And The Magical Secret He Kept Inside won first place, best in category from Chanticleer reviews. She also has two books of fiction, the award winning, The Light of Grace, Journeys of an Angel and The God of Anna, and a collection of her poetry entitled, I Know…Me Too.  (The God of Anna is under the pen name Kasey Greenhoe). The God of Anna is a story about consciousness, a spiritual quest, and coming of age set along a vibrant river in Florida. The Light of Grace is a metaphysical adventure across four eras on Earth as well as the celestial plane, showing how we are all connected to each other and our higher, spiritual selves.  All are available either through this site or on Amazon.

Some of her recent live presentation topics: Discovering your Mind Body Type, Aging Gracefully with Ayurveda, Unbounded Abundance, Power VS Force, The Platinum Woman’s Mindset, Women and Prosperity, Ayurveda, Meditation, The Seasoned Investor,  Reclaiming Your Kingdom, and of course The Map of Money Consciousness®, with The 7 Components. Telecasts and mastermind groups have been conducted for her community as well.

Ms. Claytor has been asked to speak at popular, established venues such as The Natural Awakening Expo, The Florida Conference for Women, The Vibrant Women’s Conference and The Florida Association of Women Attorneys, as well as book talks on her fiction and non-fiction titles. She is a honed, engaging, experienced public speaker.

“Kasey Claytor did an outstanding presentation for our organization. Her message was valuable, well-received, and presented in a format that was interesting, enjoyable and useful. I know everyone that attended her presentation will benefit greatly from it. I would highly recommend Kasey for any group that wants to improve its performance.”

~ Kelly Palace, Vice President, Programming, Space Coast Express Network, American Business Women’s Association

She is also certified to teach the Chopra Center for Wellbeing Meditation Course, Perfect Health, and Infinite Possibilities, The Art of Changing Your Life.

In addition to writing, Kasey loves to draw and paint. She illustrated the children’s book, Pinky and you can go here to see some of her paintings.