For Estate Planners only                                                                                 

I’m sure your clients derive comfort and satisfaction from the estate planning you provide for them. Whether doing a complete trust package, or just a simple directive, your clients can rest assured they have the plan in place for their assets to easily pass on to their heirs and charities.

But what about their intangibles? Their family histories, life lessons, or advice they received from their parents? I think your clients will find it fulfilling and enjoyable to fill out this workbook as a wonderful adjunct to their estate plan. It can be placed alongside the estate documents for their loved ones to find, or they can share their gift anytime they want while they are still living!

I have been in the financial advisory business since the early 1980s and have counseled clients for retirement, college funding, wealth building and wealth transfer. In working with many estate planning attorneys I’ve realized that this type of loving bequest is missing from most well-made plans. And this one can give the bestowers so much satisfaction as they go through the process of writing down what is most important to relate to their loved ones.

Wouldn’t we all love to have something like this from our parents and grandparents that we can pass down and cherish through the generations?

You can buy the 5-star rated Spiritual Will & Legacy for only $8.99 each on Amazon, but I have an inventory in my office and am offering it bulk to attorneys for $5.99 plus tax and shipping, until my inventory is gone.  They will remember you were the one who inspired them to gift their legacy of love!

TO ORDER, Email us at with the number of workbooks and we will send an you an invoice.                                

Please keep the order in 10s. (Ordering 10 or 40, or 60 etc. )