A New Way to Think About Elections

Have you decided on your choice of presidential candidate? Do you think you will only feel ‘ok’  if your candidate wins? Do you watch the news with angst within your body and mind? If not, you really don’t need to read this; but if you are, what I write here may be helpful.

Elections are increasingly ‘in our face’ with the ever-expanding media sources. We are all assaulted with ads all over the TV channels and websites whether we are interested or not. If one  doesn’t bother learning about the issues or the candidate’s position, it must look like a choice between two terrible options!

Ultimately, the choice is decided by the mass consciousness of the country. All of us collectively combined, with our ideas, opinions, beliefs, and where we fall on an evolutionary scale, create a group consciousness. Your intention rings through the land, adding to the energy of others who have similar intentions.

It is much more than simply voting. There are undercurrents within layers of reality that will affect our future, also. Our country, as a whole, has an unprecedented level of consciousness. Our founding fathers made decisions and had ideas that were revolutionary in their time and still are now. They changed the trajectory of human evolution.  Just in the last 100 years, we have come an incredible distance in civil rights, women’s rights, inclusion of different beliefs, lifestyles and ways of expression that make this country a magnet for the oppressed, ambitious and those with dreams of happiness.

So vote what is in your heart and trust that what happens is what we are ready for.