Steps to Recapitulate 2012 and Intend 2013

Do this with a group of trusted and supportive friends or by yourself. Have three sheets, one for recapitulation of regrets & errors, self-sabotaging thinking, etc., and one for good (achievements) self control, growth, aha’s, etc. for  last year… and, of course, one for your 2013 year-end Intended Self.


First, begin with recapitulation.

What is recapitulation? For this exercise it is playing your year from beginning to end in fast forward without any judgment. Simply walk through the big moments of your year like you were viewing it through a video camera. Don’t linger on a particular moment and don’t begin evaluating it. Just keep moving through each moment. By performing this ritual right at the end of any year, you can gain a greater understanding of who you are and what you do. Recapitulation can help you process all the words, thoughts, and deeds you experienced over the course of the last year. It is a good nightly practice, too. And after practicing recapitulation, as you become a bit lighter, you will begin to become aware of those behaviors that are nourishing and those that no longer serve you. You will also become more aware of your ripple . . . all the faces, conversations, and interactions you have experienced throughout the day.

When you are doing the exercises, be gentle with yourself.

Build a safe container here of self acceptance, with no judgment.

Only share if it is comfortable.

Write down positive and negative aspects of last year.  Share some of your regrets, accomplishments and goals. Decide what to do with them going forward.

For the negative ones, forgive and release them, within body and without. As you do a body scan, sense where there might be tightness or an ache associated with that memory. Then relax into that space and watch it lift out of the body.  Afterwards you can do some type of final act such as burning the list when you get home, or have a ceremonial burial.

Celebrate accomplishments by making a certificate, giving yourself a fine dinner, awarding yourself a gift, etc.



Goal setting

Create some accountability through partnership and the importance of stating out loud and in front of others who are supportive. Do not share with anyone who you feel would be dampening, unsupportive, or critical. If it happens, realize that they have no power over you. Use your image of your archetype, mentor, or role model.


Exercise: Who are you to be at the end of 2013?

Describe in detail YOU at the end of 2013.


How are you different?

What are you doing?

How do others see you now?

What is your environment like?

Who are you surrounded by?

Use all of your senses and emotion.

When you are done with this exercise, have a group meditation with everyone to seal this intention. Then have some fun! We watched an inspiring movie.