The Lazy Guide to Staying Fit!




Live in a two story home


Go up and down often. Forget things. Forget things upstairs so you have to keep running up there. Forget things downstairs for the same reason! You’ll need to keep getting up to find what you forgot!


Change the way you move up and down the stairs; sideways, toes in, toes out, skipping steps etc.


If you live in a one story home, run or skip from room to room.


Get a dog but don’t fence your yard! Then you must go outside with him several times a day and walk him at least once a day down the street. It’s very good for you to be outside.


If you have a desk job set your smart phone to go off at least once an hour. Then get up and walk, stretch and squat.


Get down on the floor often, playing with your pets or kids, or crawling around looking for lost items or foreign objects. Great for flexibility.


Do yoga stretches on the floor while watching TV


Play music you love so much you want to move! Then chair dance or better yet get up and move! (Make sure you aren’t driving!)


Keep items you use in inconvenient places. Place that often used spice in that high cupboard.


Shaving in the shower while balancing on one leg develops good core muscles. But Be Careful!


Give yourself a good brisk massage while drying off. Move toward your heart. This will get your lymphatic system stimulated.


When drying hair, (for women) hang forward from the hips for a good forward bend and volume!


Bounce around and dance while you make the bed.


Have a routine in the morning even if you are retired or have the day off…up, move and out of the house.

Getting moving will lead to more and more physical activity. It’s all good!!


Always first and most important, create a sense of wellbeing within yourself. Make yourself happy, do what gives you energy, give yourself loving kindness, and make it easier on yourself.