Listen to Those Quiet Nudges

What we may miss when not listening to our inner voice just might have big consequences. We are all so busy and, in our busy-ness, we just may lose a chance for some of our most important lessons and opportunities, within which lie steps to our evolution.

I signed up for a weekend program advertised to expand my possibilities. Really looking forward to it, I printed my map and took my phone with my GPS, but the trip to the first meeting was harrowing. Used to our small-town traffic, with the combination of 5 lane interstates and missed signs, I found myself lost more than once. I soldiered on and got there late, thinking if this isn’t really worth it, I’m not coming back in the morning! It was really great, but I got lost again on the way home, took some wrong turns, and was fairly well spent by the time I arrived home. I told my husband I probably wouldn’t go back the next day (it was a three day event).  But, thankfully, decided to sleep on it before making a final decision.

This is where the rubber meets the road. I have no idea what kind of resistance I was experiencing on that day, but a part of me continued to push me to go back, even though I didn’t want to go through that drive again. I alternated between feeling like a failure, angry that I got lost, and excited that I had such a good experience while there.

Thank God I listened to the last voice, my inner-guiding voice, my higher Self. It continued to rise in my heart to go back to the rest of the event. When I awoke that second day, I moved through the morning with the idea crystalizing that I  would go.. So, without much thought, I readied and took my IPad, with my route mapped out.

Not only was my experience a deep, transformative treasure but, in addition to the further opening of my spirit and blossoming of my heart, I synchronistically met up with dear friends on a stairwell. With over 500 people in attendance, the chance of running into them was very slight. But there they were. The deliciousness of the rest of the weekend was amazing.

If your spirit is nudging you to take a leap, go to that event, or take that course, or job, or trip. listen to it! Even if you find barriers, hurdles, or obstacles in your path. If you keep hearing that small, steady voice, there is a very good reason to follow.