The Power of Your Voice

Your voice is a tool that gives an abundance of information about who you are;  if you are saying is of value, if it is likely true, and even if what you are saying is with conviction.

The way your voice is heard may be dynamic and strong, or something less. There is a range wherein your voice naturally resonates with your own inner being. When you speak above that zone, your voice becomes tight, strained, and even squeaky — not a powerful place. If your voice falls below your natural range, it falters, weakening again into a less than smooth, garbled sound to the ears of others.

Just imagine speaking with someone on the phone who talks in a high-pitched voice. Or, someone forcing their voice to go deeper than is natural for them. Does this give you confidence that they know what they are talking about? Is it distracting?

In Arthur Samuel Joseph’s Voice of a Leader, he shows us how, by connecting to our own authentic voice, we can inspire and lead more effectively. By allowing our voice to come up from deep within ourselves in a clear and compelling way, our message can be heard.

To find your ideal speaking range, begin in the lowest range possible while humming as you open and close your mouth. It will sound like mmmm-ahhhh-mmmm-ahhhh. Go up the scale to the highest notes possible. Notice the range in the middle that comes easily, clearly, and comfortably. That is your natural, powerful, voice. Practice this exercise every day. Before you know it, people will be gathering to hear what you’ve got to communicate.