Declaration of Freedom

What holds us back from the complete freedom we crave? One of the reasons we tell ourselves is that we can’t because we don’t have enough money, which represents security to most of us.

As someone who has made a career out of assisting people on this topic it pains me to see others suffer in their thinking about money. I know we have all heard how money is just an energy exchange, it isn’t a ‘thing’ at all, just a symbol. But knowing this doesn’t seem to help.

There is so much fear in our society and our world from beliefs about money. For all the good that money can do, we still see misguided uses of it. If we have a good amount, we worry about the safety of it and our ability to hang on to it. If we don’t have enough, it looms like an impending storm, with the lack of it ready to create a crisis. It takes over our thoughts and we worry about the future. Certainly money must be there!

Someday, in the not too far future, I think we will have transitioned to a different system of exchange. One that honors each person, and every effort brings in response some type of acquisition. Each acquisition or service used creates a deficit that is balanced by a person’s inherent gifts and talents. The media and internet teem with projections of a terrible collapse, but fear not, this will be a slow and gradual evolution, not some cataclysmic financial tsunami.

So what do we do until then? The quickest, easiest way to prosper as an individual is to grow in your awareness of the infinite support the universe is availing you, right now. I’ve defined some steps to open your consciousness to a new paradigm where you will feel the support that is already yours.

The horrors in the world are of our own making. Know we are part of society and responsible for that which we rail against. Taking responsibility is the first step. I heard recently about a group of activists on kayaks filling a bay to protest against oil companies, yet they are on plastic boats made from petroleum. They are denying their participation of an industry they object to.

1)      Take responsibility for your energetic contribution to the less than ideal circumstances of the world. It is your unexamined beliefs and assumptions that perpetuate the status quo. When you dwell in worry and doubt, when you form within you an ‘against’ position, when you hate the ‘haters’, hate the corporations, or hate the government, it adds to the conflicted state of the world. Discover the peace that exists deep within your being so that it may be extended out into the world as a healing balm.

2)      Become aware of your criticism of others who happen to be wealthy. It isn’t a character flaw to be prosperous, it is merely a result of their beliefs about what is possible. Among the wealthy is a wide range of maturity levels and spiritual awareness. Wealth is independent of what you may think is a ‘good’ person. The character of a person is exhibited by how they live, how they contribute and show kindness, not whether they are wealthy or not. You will hold financial success at bay if you regard wealthy people as corrupt, evil, selfish, etc.

3)      Help lift others up. One of the shortcuts to security is helping others become secure and prosperous. And realize security is found within, not without. If you can show others how they can trust in themselves, trust in life, trust their inspiration and passions, you will be lifted too. If you find this type of security, money will follow and flow naturally and it will be a nonevent.

4)      Focus on using your life as your unique expression, being you as completely and fearlessly as you possibly can. This will take you places you’re not even aware of right now. Delve into the discovery of all that you are. The resources, ideas, people, energy, events, and doorways will all show up at the perfect time. When you are moving in alignment with your highest path it will become so strong, the creative impulse so intense, you will have no other option but to engage in it fully.

5)      Ask for guidance. Your guides, angels and loved ones on the Other Side are awaiting your requests. They are circling you, waiting for you to notice their messages. They are subtle, and could be easily discounted or doubted. If it occurs to you it is a message—that is a sign it is. They come in whispers in your mind, your eyes landing on a certain phrase, a stranger with news, a sudden urge to create something, all directing you toward your destination.

6)       There is so much in this life to explore, learn and discover and the greatest discovery of all is finding your own divine nature! Then, when you have awakened to your true self, money is nothing you have to worry about.