When Those we Admire Disappoint

Eventually those we admire will disappoint us. It happens to everyone; when our leaders or teachers voice something so divergent from our own beliefs that we shrink away. It’s normal. It is a sign we have become attached to a viewpoint. It is a moment for potential growth, if we recognize it.
We may have gotten too bound to one solution, one way. The further we move in this viewpoint, we may find we have painted ourselves into a corner. We can become addicted to this one way, so that when we hear someone agreeing with us we feel elation. When we hear a person voicing a different point of view, we feel anything from superiority to anger. The more extreme we become, the less opportunity there is for growth, awareness and joy.
Life is more flexible, stretching between yin and yan, continually changing; with infinite creativity, the universe encompasses endless possibilities.
Integration is the key for humanity going forward. Realizing differing views are aspects of ourselves to embrace. Not taking ourselves so seriously. Instead of looking for someone that can show you the way, be that someone you can have deep faith in, with courage, truth and strength. Your need for others to agree with you will vanish.