Solving Our Problems: Who is Right?

What is it with all these different opinions, different judgements flying around the world? Who is right and who is wrong? How can good people think so differently than I do? Will we someday get to a place where we can all agree on being loving and kind to one another?

These questions may come up, especially now, when we are in the heat of an election year. We believe our opinions are perhaps better, or more evolved, or more correct, than other people’s.

Is this a matter of ego? Or intelligence? Or maturity? Education? Culture? What causes one person to gravitate to one world view and another gravitate to something wholly different?

Well, ego, intelligence, culture etc. all do have an impact, but these aren’t the cause, but the effect of consciousness.

Consciousness can be measured on a scale of levels. Consciousness is another word for awareness. When we come into the world we emerge into a family and culture that already has a certain level of consciousness, so right away we are resonating in the neighborhood of that one.

So, our life begins at a certain level of consciousness. It usually doesn’t change drastically during our lives unless we have a life altering experience, a mysterious strike of divine intervention, or we commit to raising our consciousness through spiritual, psychological, religious, philosophical or other studies and practices such as meditation.

At each level of consciousness there is a dominate world view. At the lower levels the view of the world could be a dangerous one filled with enemies and a frightening, punishing god. As we go up the levels of consciousness we find, ever so slowly, more love, more peace, and consequently the belief in a more loving god.

At each level of consciousness reality changes. One person lives in a scary world of violence and another lives in a world where hard work brings some benefits, and still another lives in a world of episodic calm and abundance. All here on earth. The inner world of the person projects onto the outer world the manifestations of their own level of consciousness. Our planet is the domain of this experience. All people are creating the world according to their own consciousness.

As one moves up these levels, new solutions to problems appear, fulfillment of desires become easier, understanding behaviors of others become second nature, and feelings of bliss happen more and more frequently.

As mass consciousness, the totality of all beings, evolves, the governance and care of all beings will improve.

All problems have different solutions at different levels of consciousness. So, if you see one answer to a problem as the only right one, try to remember there are infinite solutions to any problem. There is no right and wrong here, only consciousness. One way to look at it, is, how much of God’s love and peace are you able to allow to flow through you?

This world is the ideal setting for our growth, don’t you think? Each of us creates the world we are able to, at our level of consciousness, and we can purposefully change our experience by raising our consciousness. As we move through these levels, our assistance to the wellbeing of others increases in effectiveness too, until, just by our being in the world is enough to benefit all of mankind.

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