Extreme and Extraordinary Times*


Everyone would probably agree that we are experiencing unusual times, scary times you might say. Times filled with fear of the future. Where are we headed? Will the current administration’s plan work?  They are certainly spending an enormous, unfathomable amount of money. Will this get us back ‘on track’?

We are delaying the inevitable. The decisions being made today are based on fear. Fear of not doing what is seen as the only option. Fear that if they don’t act, don’t spend, an unknown and unclear danger will rise up and swallow us.  I’m not sure the previous administration would do anything different. Certainly, they also made radical decisions from a platform of fear and actions are based on what is believed to be the only viable solutions.

Decisions based on fear of not taking action—and subsequently action is the only option they see before them—greatly reduce the chances of real innovation, creativity, originality of solutions or building a new paradigm. There are always an unlimited number of solutions to any challenge, situation, or predicament. We are blind when we do not see this.

We are on the cusp of chaos. By spending an enormous fortune, we are only delaying this chaos; but it will come, as chaos always does.  When it does, we must redefine ourselves. Throughout history, we make earth-shattering and profound changes only when in the pit of severe crisis. We are going to the brink and will be forced to reinvent our future, reinvent our governance and rebuild the free-market system.

It cannot be seen right now—it hides beneath our consciousness and our collective consciousness—ready to reveal itself once we’ve exhausted the old paradigm.

When we move into this chaos, those that move forward without fear, those that are flexible and courageous, will become evident to all except those that are still stuck in the old ways. These new stars with their shining ideas will seem so obvious then. When we hear their solutions now, we don’t recognize them but disregard them as impossible, much like Copernicus’ statement that the world was round. We live in the middle of many myths that will be dissolved beyond this brink.

It will be, and is, such an interesting time in history. I’m sure many people will view these changes as painful, those that hold rigidly to their old beliefs and insist on the previous patterns of society as the only way to succeed and thrive.

Whether you believe in the Age of Aquarius or other prognostications won’t matter. What will matter is your ability to be open-minded and flexible — your ability to pull from your inner resources, imagination, and vision. We will, indeed, thrive beyond our wildest dreams in an entirely new way. It is obvious to me that we must. When pushed in a corner, we either shrink or come out blazing, ready, clear-headed, focused and changed. What do you choose?

Why wait? Why not begin to throw yourself into the next age now? Set your own intention on how you will serve? Those that find a way to share their unique gifts will discover unlimited treasures. Be Extraordinary.

*This was originally written in March of 2013, but still pertinent.