The BIG Announcement

You know when you’ve been working on a project for what seems like forever, and you are nearing the end, how you wonder if it is really done, if anyone will like it, etc. etc?

Well, I find myself in this position—finally, finally getting close enough to see the end result. Ready to show the world my new book, “The Light of Grace, Journeys of An Angel”. And then I brace myself because I am putting myself out there, more than I ever have. Showing pieces of my inner beliefs and soul that I am not accustomed to revealing.

Of course, I am aware that some people will not ‘get’ my work, or enjoy it, and may even say things to me that aren’t nice. But there will be others that will benefit from what I have written, and so I want to share it with the world.

I am telling you, my friends and tribe of seekers, about the availability here first. I began writing this book in May of 2013! It is finally done, with all the starts and stops while I lived my busy life. And all of you, some of whom have been with me for ten years on this path, will have first dibs to get a copy. Read a bit about the book here.

I just went to a bookstore, wandering down the aisles, wondering where my book would fit in: Spiritual Fiction? No such category. Philosophy? Nope, it’s fiction. Self-help?  No, because it is told in story form, but it is instructive! Alas, it will be lumped in with general fiction. I wonder how many authors get frustrated with that!

I wrote this book because I have had so many experiences in my life that revealed to me that there is guidance from the spiritual realm. I will share these experiences at my book launch party, which will be announced here!

What I have written below is the secret to how this book came about. The Light of Grace is written to not only enjoy and relish, reading about some amazing lives, but to also raise your consciousness as it is read.

Thank You for being who you are! You are needed and invaluable for the planet.

Peace, Love and Financial Wellbeing,


Kasey Claytor

PSSST, Here is a secret about this book.

I’d like to tell you that this whole story was completely written by me, from my brain, my own imagination; but I tell you, while writing this book, more often than not, as I sat quietly or took a walk along a riverbank, or was driving my car, letting go of the machinations of thought, I received a download of a significant portion of the story.

It came as direct knowledge, at first not being assembled into words. It came in pictures, feelings, and events, as if I were watching a movie. I would ‘just know’ how each character felt. I would experience surprise right along with the characters as events unfolded. From day to day as I wrote the book, I often had no inkling what was going to happen next.

Sometimes, I would write what was shown to me, but it didn’t make sense at the time. I would judge it as a bad idea, thinking, where could it possibly go from here? Then, a few days later, the rest of that narrative would arrive, and to my surprise it would make perfect sense. In fact, I would see the brilliance of that idea.

At other times, I would jot down an idea I thought up, one that sounded good, and later when I sat at my computer to put it in the story, I wouldn’t be able to find it, anywhere! My own ideas were often ‘lost’ or forgotten!

Therefore, I had quite a bit of help in the writing of this story. The ‘truths’ in this book are what the angels, my guides and loved ones on the Other Side, wanted you to know.

It was great fun working on this book. Now that it is coming out into the world, with its own existence, it’s not mine anymore. I hope it finds good homes.