Why sign up for this Chopra Course?

about this course (reprinted from a previous newsletter. We received so many positive comments we thought it should be in our blog.)

We are offering the Chopra Center Meditation program next month, August.This practice has deeply changed my life. Up until I went to the Chopra Center 14 years ago, I led a ‘regular’ life; I had my family and work, and I loved both. I read spiritual books and inspirational books that gave me insights and good thoughts; but I was putting off experiencing a large portion of life that I wanted.

After learning the Chopra meditation technique, my life began to change dramatically. This new path led me to where my fulfillment lies. Looking back, it is astonishing what I’ve accomplished. Other people probably didn’t notice much, but my inner-life and self-expression burst forth in the following ways:

I wrote the novel that had been roaming around in my head for years

I went on to write more books, blogs and created new websites and formed new companies

I continued taking courses with the Chopra Center became a certified instructor and since 2005 I have taught many others this process and watched it work in their lives. Each class has taught me something new too.

I completely reorganized my business; studied and passed the test to open a Registered Investment Firm. I went fee-based and converted all of my clients into a new program in time to protect them from the ’08 meltdown. I broke associations from the brokerage firms that were later doomed.

The guidance I’ve received is no less than miraculous.

Meditation has allowed me to free myself from the drama around me, to calmly observe so that I can see clear solutions. Origins of the viewpoints of others are revealed enabling me to have a better understanding of them. Relationships are deeper and more meaningful. I find my inner guidance is available to help me overcome challenges.

I want to encourage those of you who have thought about coming but, for some reason, haven’t yet, to seriously consider taking this course. I think it will prepare you for anything and assist you in exploring all you can be.

Also, since we’ve been teaching here, we have added lots of great extras to the class. It is given over two Saturdays. This Weekend course will be given beginning August 12th and  at the Infinity Yoga & Wellness Cocoa Beach.

Don’t let the tuition stop you if you are having financial difficulty. We do provide some scholarships. And, if you have already taken this course from us, feel free to audit, no charge. We would love to have you as long as there is room.

I have spent my whole adult life trying different forms of meditation. This is not guided meditation–it is much deeper. This just may change your life.

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