Inviting Peace In

What do you do when you’re stressed out, fed up, feeling as if things are way out of control, and you can’t do anything about it? What is really going on? Let’s see, and learn some steps to find peace.

The futility of thinking you could have control over what is going on in the world.

We rail against big events in the world, terrorism, poverty, corruption, etc. as if feeling this indignation will somehow be of benefit. It’s not. Our negative emotions are designed to cause us to take action, but often there isn’t an action to be taken, at least not in the moment. When these strong emotions happen, stop and just observe them, allowing them to course through your system and dissipate. Only when your tense up, constrict and hold on to them does it cause negative effects on you and your body.

The constant stimulation of outside information can throw us off balance.

We are bombarded daily, even hourly, about issues and problems from every corner of the globe. Down through history that news was few and far between. Broadcasts from every type of media magnifies every large and small piece of news that will garner attention. That is, the more controversial the better. Remember that this news is a very small piece of what is out in the world, and the world is full of amazing, dynamic, and good people doing great things.

The more aware we are of how the content is affecting us, the better we will be able to make wise choices on what and how much to watch. I have friends that don’t watch the news at all and they seem to know everything that is going on by moving through their work, errands and social media anyway.

Inside information-dropping awareness to the body

There is a great way to immediately test how information coming into your senses is affecting you emotionally: drop your awareness into your body and listen. Is your stomach tightening? Do you feel pressure in your chest? Is your throat tightening? You are being affected negatively. You don’t have to wait until the symptoms grow louder, such as anger rising, tears welling, or irritation burning within you to change your attention to something else. You can use this awareness to choose shows and movies as well. Of course, a little stress from a suspenseful movie is fine. Learn to tell the difference between that and the feeling of being disturbed to the point of real discomfort.

Disaster planning

It is so easy to get caught up in telling ourselves stories of what if. What if that awful candidate wins the election?  What if I fail at my job? What if my boyfriend leaves me? What if, what if…..

We can sit and delve into this projection until we become completely troubled when nothing has happened yet. Byron Katie, a wonderful and wise woman, devised a process called The Work to challenge these disturbing thoughts.  Questioning them such as, Is this really true? Do you know absolutely that it is true? I highly recommend her books and websites

By catching yourself in the middle of thinking awful outcomes, after finding yourself absorbed in an imaginary future, you’ve just woken up to what you were doing. I call this a mini-enlightenment, because you became aware. Most people never do! That’s awesome!

Look at your life right now, in this moment

When you find yourself in a worried state, shift your attention to what is going on right now; mute that TV, turn the radio off, put down your device, and look around. You’re sitting on a chair perhaps, or standing, or driving. Maybe you’re outside. How does the air feel? What is going on in your vicinity? How does your body feel? Are there any sounds you can hear? You will immediately shift to a calmer state.

In this present moment, notice, all is well. All that exists is in the present moment. This is where you live. You can’t live in the future or the past. Only in the present.

Be willing to see things differently.

The things you notice, the people, the events, are all noticed by you because there is something about them that you’ve bought into or believe in. even if it is the opposite.

Remember everyone sees themselves as the good guys.


It is still the best medicine. Laugh long and often. See the humor in our follies and foibles. Quit taking life so seriously.



Give yourself a massage as often as you can. Self massage is recommended a few times per week for most, before you shower. Take five or ten minutes to work some healthy oils like sesame, coconut, almond or other pure oil into your skin.

Eating well

This means eating as clean as possible; eat refined, manmade foods sparingly and lots of fresh veggies, fruits and proteins. Learn to listen to your body when it registers almost full, and stop eating.


Take the stairs, park away from the store, walk daily, do yoga or other movement. Use your body and it will respond with lowered stress and vitality.


The crown jewel of self-care, encouraging a healthy emotional state, more clarity, better immune system, better sleep, lowering stress, blood pressure, resolving old habits, and on and on. Meditation helps you see things in a new way, enabling you to shift your perception and step away from emotional triggers that can sabotage your happiness.

Mass Consciousness

As I have told people for many years, we get the politicians we deserve. By that I mean the most dominant level of consciousness, with the most energy and impact, will prevail. We will get the politicians in an answer to this energy. Whatever way it goes, it is heralding a big shift in the system, which will eventually cause a big change in the governing body. But, as far as your individual life, you may not feel much change at all. You are on your own trajectory. Be self-referred. You are captain of your own ship. The most important thing for all of us to do is be the peace we wish to see in the world, and this means not working ourselves up into a frenzy with what is going on outside, but paying attention to our own life, the peace you are creating, and working within your centers of influence to make all of our lives better.