A Better Way

So many angry people. So many fearful people. It matters not what political view one has, there is plenty of vitriol flowing on every side.
Anger is a step up from powerlessness. Anger gives us a feeling of control, a feeling of relief from victimhood, from passivity. So for that, it has a function. It pulls us through unacceptable circumstances.
Fear and anxiety, on the other hand, tends to hold us still while we wallow in the stew of these toxic emotions. Until it morphs into out-picturing anger, it only destroys our own wellbeing.
But even anger, if it isn’t transcended into a higher state, cases more chaos.
In this political climate, this level of stress in the world at the moment, this feeling of unwanted unfolding situations, what should we do? How should we approach our own future and our own plans for our lives? Do we have any way in which to move the global meter toward more peace? Have we any influence to raise the consciousness of the masses?
There are, of course, infinite solutions, from every spiritual tradition, from new thought leaders to ancient sages, we are not short of paths we can take with life-changing, even miraculous results. The important thing I want to relay to you is, find one. Take one. Seek one that speaks to you. One that centers you in your own peace, establishes you in your immortal source, your authentic self, your soul.
Release the attachments you may have to one side of a system, one view of governing, one version of right and wrong. This is a state of separation in which you project an enemy out there; where you see those who think differently or hold other ideas as wrong. This is a falsehood.
Remember, the only true reality is your inner world and when you identify with this reality you are far more compassionate, open, loving, understanding, and ultimately more effective in the outer world, even if it is just the energy you are emitting, which, alone has great benefits.
Contrary to many opinions, the best way to change conditions isn’t to take to the streets in angry protest, because it creates a backlash of the opposite view. What you push against grows stronger.
The way out? Love your brothers and sisters. Hear them. Attempt to understand while you listen instead of creating your response in your head. Listen with love. Watch as they begin to shift, change their posture, as the anger drains from their body. You’ll be creating a healing in your corner of the world.
Thinking one side is right and one side is wrong causes a societal illness, like a disease taking over the land where people are cells trying to annihilate each other.
A new system of thought is trying to emerge. All of us can foster this new, fragile form of being as it spreads among those who are ready and open. A better way is dawning.