Where are our Leaders?


There is a leading edge of evolution functioning within humanity. This leading edge is a minority of the population, yet large enough to have an impact by showing the way, being an example of where we can go, how we can be, and what we can accomplish. According to Ken Wilbur, author and integral theorist, in his recent e-book, Trump and a Post-Truth World, this leading edge has been failing to lead inclusively for a few decades now.

The leading new evolutionary movement emerged in the 1960s full of promise, compassion, forgiveness, and love. War wasn’t the answer, cultural, racial and gender divisiveness was to be overcome, and an optimism spread over the land that it was possible to have a just, good and truthful world.

But this leading edge of the most evolved expression of consciousness in any numbers somehow lost its way; somehow ran itself off the rails when it began embracing the idea that it was elite, better than, and took upon itself to rescue the lowly, the less than, from imagined oppressors. This edge saw victims everywhere, and surmised an oppressor or oppressors were always to blame. This created grounds to become angry and hateful to those it deemed oppressors. Also, the ones seen as ‘less than’ weren’t respected as much as those who followed the leading edge beliefs.

Those who were targeted by the leading edge as unworthy felt the disdain thrust upon them, hence a deep anger grew.

Everyone is operating at their own level of consciousness, we know that. Each level has value. At each level of consciousness there is a relatively balanced, healthy state and an unhealthy state. A balanced healthy state at all levels contributes positively to the whole, and gives impetus to grow into the next level. No matter where we are on this measurement, we hold all the previous states we have moved through, just as we still carry our childhood and adolescence within us. When the leading edge, that highest evolved state in large numbers of the population, is balanced, healthy and sound, this progresses the whole by leading productively, defining truth and goodness, acceptance of all expressions of consciousness, acceptance of differing opinions, thoughts and ways of living from previous states.

What is needed is an environment of inclusivity. We need strong leaders who exemplify goodness, truth, and compassion, and show us what that looks like. Leaders who don’t partition off segments of society and label them. Someone to get the leading edge back on the rails so that it moves forward once again. We haven’t seen this in a long time.

There are two ways this could happen. One would be for someone or some group within the leading edge with these ideals to emerge into our awareness and get our enraptured attention. Pretty tough job.

The other way would be for the quite small, but extraordinarily effecting, edge beyond this one (that began in the 60s). The new, furthest edge that automatically holds the truths of goodness, beauty, inclusiveness, compassion, and love, and will not be infected by elitism, judgmentalism, or divisiveness. At this level, the purpose is to serve. Everyone.

And this edge can lead the current edge, show the way, help get it back to where it can be once again productive and positive.