Rut Thinking

Much of our thinking is habitual, stemming from our beliefs and assumptions. I call this rut thinking. Years ago, I had a client who, after losing her husband, had to re-learn to drive, since for years after they retired, he always drove. Therefore, in her mind, driving had become a dangerous and treacherous feat, the worst of which was turning left onto a two-way road, crossing the oncoming traffic—so she refused to do that. For the rest of her life, she only went where she could turn right, making a small or a large circle back home. She only went to stores and businesses that fell on this pattern. I called her once to ask her if she could come down to the office and she explained that was impossible because she would have to make a left turn. Not only was her accessible world limited, but her thinking was in the same rut as her driving. Believing left turns were impossible for her limited her experience.
In this same way, we each limit our experience with thinking that is based on the belief that we can’t. But that, again, is only in our heads, (ego)
because we are really not restricted. Our inner-selves are waiting for us to fully express our abundant, joyful nature, and we easily will when we learn to transcend the ego. The paradox is that we operate through the ego to rid ourselves of its grip on our reality!
Your thoughts are most often manifested from your patterns of beliefs and attitudes. We are all familiar with this idea, yet one of our core beliefs could be that this is very difficult to change! You can learn additional tools to replace old thinking with new thoughts in harmony with health, happiness, and abundance.
So, the first step is to become aware of those thoughts that lead to lack. You are glorious, incredible, beautiful, vibrant, miraculous, clever and genius! All those things that are not you are labeled by your ego, which so convincingly rambles on and on in your mind telling you what you must do to become nicer, stronger, better looking, more successful, richer, smarter, etc. All of these qualities are yours already.