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Kasey Claytor

7 Steps to Living An Awesome Life
Welcome to my site, where you will find a path to wellbeing that also offers information for financial health. Helping people find balance that includes prosperity and wellbeing is my mission. Discover how you can move through your day with confidence in your decisions, a deep sense of joy in your heart, insights into your true nature, and an abundant life! By learning what money really is and how it works, and blending it with mind/body/spirit principles, you can blossom in all areas of your life! -Read a letter from Kasey
  • Two Ways to Wealth

    Having spent my career in the financial world I’ve seen loads of people become financially successful, that is, they are what…
  • Book Signing in Ft. Lauderdale

      Kasey will be at the Hay House’s I CAN DO IT! Conference on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 TIME  11:30AM – 12:30PM for a…
  • Benefiting from Retreat

      It was an extremely enjoyable and refreshing time, going on my annual silent retreat in the Monterey Peninsula with the Chopra…