Economic Healing

During this time of economic turbulence—high unemployment, rising costs, no clear direction, no one listening to each other—we are failing to look at the obvious—this is temporary.

When we experience hard times we ‘feel’ like it will go on endlessly. It never does. Things continue to change. It is against all natural forces to become completely stagnant, frozen and remaining unchangeable into the future.

All in life is fluid, moving through the cycles of the planets, moon, and the whole universe. Our own bodies continually balance the millions of miniscule and gross actions to support our organism.

The course of commerce also flows, waxes and wanes.  It seeks a balance between buying price and selling price, supplying and manufacturing, and marketing and consumption. It flows to meet our expectations. This can get out of balance just as the Earth or our bodies get out of balance, causing a temporary excess in one direction.

But it is just seeking to return itself back to balance.

The most important component to find this balance again? You and me, through our actions, our thoughts, our attitudes, beliefs, and expectations for the future. When we are convinced it will get better, it will. But we must be convinced.


The “recovery” will come and most people will be taken by surprise.


There are so many books out now, predicting a dire future, economic collapse, global disarray and re-alignment of powers; the rise of precious metals as the only meaningful value for trade, and loss of our present standard of living.

I’ve heard and seen this sentiment several times over the years. This time, it is different due to wide-spread belief that this heralds an end of the world scenario or the end of democracy, etc.

Imagine their surprise when people slowly wake up to the reality that companies still make great products and services and sell them and people still buy them. Companies will begin to expand and hire again. And this will sweep us into the next era, bruised, but more appreciative of our wonderful system of supply and demand; a natural and organic force responsive and intimately connected to each one of us.

We will have learned several important lessons, however. We will be changed by this in profound ways. We are evolving into a new sort of human being that sees money not as an end, but solely as a tool to aid us in a fruitful and heartfelt life.

We have been shaken hard. The ones who remain flexible, introspective, and creative will absolutely thrive in the coming new economy. This new robust future will only be realized by the individuals who can sense the needs and wants of a new culture and its shift in consciousness.

The old ways are waning, and there is pain in the chaos of it all. But I am eager and excited to watch what unfolds. It is important for all of us to envision this inevitable bright future. Let’s move now from the lethargy and pessimism that is pervasive into hope, optimism, abundance and joy.

If you believe this message you are one of our new leaders and much will be expected of you!