A FUN Prosperity Tip For YOU

One of my checkbooks is a money market account that I designated “fun”. I deposit money in it for home items, massages, trips, etc. FUN stuff!


I looked at this checkbook cover that I had marked in white paint with the fading name, Schwab Trust Fun, and I thought, “Why isn’t all of the checkbooks labeled something ‘fun’? And so it began!


I bought some paints and went to work.

check book cover w paint

I’d like to share this idea with you, so you can create your own special checkbook cover. It’s invaluable in creating a positive experience with saving and spending. You could write your favorite quotes, prosperity messages like debt reducing affirmations, growth of assets, expanding, building and abundance!

(And, of course, when paying those bills, fill yourself with gratitude.)


This one shown is for TRAVEL expenses.

Now create your own! Send me photos and I’ll post them on our Facebook page!!!