Living In Financial Prosperity

Here are some of things I’ve noticed over my lifetime working with money; who has lots of it, who has little, who does great things with it and who wastes it, who develops angst over it and who has trust in it.

There are as many ways to acquire it as there are people. It means something different to everyone. There are hundreds of books on how to get more of it and how to think about it, how to organize it, how to save, invest and spend it.

And there are people who love it, people who are afraid of it, people who are allergic to it, and people who think its evil.

But it is inert, only flowing in and out of our lives according to our level of trust, faith and confidence.

We can’t trick ourselves into believing we live in abundance when our stomach knots up on the topic — when we fear for our financial future.

It is an inside job to establish a sense of financial wellbeing. It means starting small, if that is where we are, and expanding on that.

I’ve developed some suggestions that I myself have used successfully.

Play, play, play:

Get out that yellow pad and play with numbers. Write down all you own and the values, and all you owe. Doodle here on amounts that you would like to see flow to you. In your doodles, schedule paying off these debts. Watch them disappear on paper.

Every time you receive money, write it down on a ledger.  Keep a journal of all the money that flows to you. Keep adding to your total.

Watch the numbers grow!

Treat this like a great game, something that is amusing, enjoyable to play with.

When you get a substantial amount of money, think first what will add to your overall wellbeing. Give money first to yourself. Save some. Add some to long-term savings and some to short-term. Then go ahead and begin to eliminate the debt, beginning with the highest interest rate first.

What you do with your money has everything to do with how prosperous you are.  In what manner do you send it out into the world as you spend? You can ask before you spend:  Does this feel expansive or constrictive? Does this add to my wellbeing and the wellbeing of others or not? Is this fun?

It certainly is fun once you get used to playing with numbers and watch them grow.

Way before I had any money, when I wrote down all the bills and balanced my checkbook, I’d feel a sense of power over it. I enjoyed seeing the numbers on the page and began getting more and more curious about money. I noticed that once I got comfortable with an income it would become easier to imagine a bit more, and then more.

Your money consciousness will grow with you.

I am not immune to rough patches. They sometimes happen. When you hit one, know that you are infinitely supported by the Universe, Source, God, use your own terminology. You will eventually be lifted up once again and the money will flow. Play with your pen and paper until your belly relaxes into it. Trust.