What Do You Spend Your Money On?

What do you spend your money on besides the cost of living, housing, bills, and food? Do you usually buy stuff:   clothing, luxury items, sports equipment, electronics, techy items, etc.? Or do you spend on experiences like weekend getaways, enriching programs, vacations, tours, charitable activities and dinners out with family or friends?

Buying ‘stuff’ will give us a temporary happiness but it is a fleeting consumption. All that we see, hear, feel, enjoy or experience is consumed much in the same way our food is consumed. We take it in and it becomes a part of us.

So, before you spend, think how it will enrich you. Whether that purchase will give you a lasting memory or fade away after the stuff wears out, is thrown out or used up?

Spending on experiences enlivens us, as an act of self-creation, building ourselves into a more aware, more complete, more exciting, and knowledgeable human being.

“Stuff” doesn’t do that!