The Ten Stages of a Control Freak

1 ) First sign: If it’s to be done correctly, I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

2 ) Boy, I never noticed before how most people do it wrong!

3 ) I need to get all these things done before I can relax.

4 ) There isn’t any time to relax! Everything is so unorganized.

5 ) So many people need me, the pets need me, my co-workers need me, etc. etc.

6 ) I can’t do this anymore—maybe I’ll let others just make mistakes, do it wrong! It stresses me out.

7 ) It is so hard to watch others do things wrong, but I’m learning to ‘allow’. I know it isn’t my business.

8 ) I know there is a bigger picture, a perspective of life in which we are all supported and guided by a deeper reality. I need to find that perspective.

9 ) I’m learning to become aware and still the voice in my head—that voice isn’t the real me. Its ramblings mean nothing.

10 ) I let things be as they are, knowing nothing out there needs changing. All is well.