Reclaiming Your Kingdom

You have diligently studied others words, but you also have an incredible voice of your own. Learn to bring the miraculous into your life—be who you came here to be. We’ve forgotten we are the rulers of our kingdoms!
You will learn the deepest secrets. How you can create all the freedom and wellbeing you need. Commit to following these steps and open up the power that has been yours all along. Your kingdom and its attributes are who you really are. It is your birthright. You’ve been given command over your life, an amazing system in which to create, and unlimited resources to do so.

• The first step is understanding and recognizing when you’ve left it; what are the signs?
• The second step is learning skills to get you back.
• The third step is how to stay in your kingdom.
The talk itself is about 40 minutes. Following, we will have an optional meditation to seal the information and give our intentions to the infinite organizing power of the universe.

Saturday, October 24, 2015
4:00 PM
At the Zen Room
631 Brevard Ave,
Cocoa Village

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Cost suggested $25.00 or by Seva, (Meaning you may pay what is comfortable for you, and I offer this without thought of reward or payment.But please call and register so we know how many seats are filled.)

“I will systematically breakdown everything outside yourself that is not your kingdom. I’m going to show you how your power keeps getting weakened when you leave your kingdom to feel better, or help someone, or impress someone, or ……..”