Two Ways to Wealth

Having spent my career in the financial world I’ve seen loads of people become financially successful, that is, they are what we would call wealthy. But, are they content, with a sense of joy? Healthy? These are the meaning of wellbeing: health, happiness and prosperity. And this is why my message is always designed to move you toward your own wellbeing. It may seem like my message leaves out prosperity, but please read this:

You can gain wealth by working hard, taking risks, continually moving up the ladder, grasping and maneuvering, trying to change yourself for the world. You can suck up the demeaning boss’s abuse, bearing the slights and lack of recognition on your way. By shear force and dogged determination you just might become one of the ‘successful’ ones. I saw this in the brokerage industry, the unfailing loyalty to the company, the acceptance of grueling projects, ungodly long, suffering hours, even sometimes the throwing of co-workers under the bus. And when you get the corner office you’ve made it. Or have you? How much grace is in your life? Peace? Light-heartedness?

On the other hand what if you followed joy? What if you conducted your life in a way that reflected love? What if you held your wellbeing as a priority, making decisions by taking into account whether they will move you toward more wellbeing, or further away?

A person moving toward their wellbeing, with a holistic approach to self-care, and a practice connecting themselves to the underlying flow of their own divine guidance, will gain prosperity, in whatever form that means to them. It is all created in the moment by moment choices we are presented with throughout our day. With a clear head and robust health, we are ready to take on new challenges. Our inner guidance assists our decisions. Our self-knowledge moves us through the fear of going in a new direction. Our maturity helps us know when and who to ask for help.

When I finally, finally faced the fact that the corporate world was making it difficult for me to reach my own wellbeing, I started exploring other options. I signed up for my first Chopra Center course. I read books. I spoke with other advisors who left the corporate world to become independent, running their own business.  So I did too, and never looked back. That was 16 years ago. What is funny, is that when you are running your own venture, whether you work 30 or 70 hours a week, it just flies by, because it is what you are filled with a passion to do. The energy it takes is abundantly available.

You don’t need to start a business yourself to reach prosperity and wellbeing. It may mean doing your own thing in your off hours. It could be writing, acting, volunteering, teaching others, picking up a part time job in a field you are attracted to. It’s endless. And any one of them could lead you to your prosperity. It all begins with caring for yourself.

One last thought; so many people come to my sight for the first time by taking the Money Map Quiz. It is worth taking, or taking again, and follow the suggestions for your level of money consciousness.