About Women

I wrote this last night after watching the news. Instead of railing against how the news is presented, I write.

I like hearing about women who ignore the idea that the world is stacked against them. Women who do what they want regardless of what others think. Women who do not listen to the rhetoric that says women have been discriminated against, who act as if this is not the case, who venture into all worlds with the expectation that they can do anything, and see no barriers, only opportunities. This was ingrained into me by my father.

There were blocks in front of me in the early 80s when I became a stockbroker. I tried to join Rotary but was told they weren’t ready for a woman member, I was chased around a desk from a groping manager; I have stories, but making those stories into a victim’s story is devolving. I just chalked it up to the idiot behavior of a few. Mostly the men in my life have been great, and working in an industry with so many men has been a blast.

It seems like we’re going into another round of hearing women are victimized. One of the ways we fight this is by moving past the perceived barriers, don’t believe in them.


Those who choose to point at the reasons why they can’t succeed, won’t. Those who barrel on through regardless, just may change the world.