Exploring Map of Money Consciousness

Raising your Ability to Prosper

This program will be for serious and committed individuals who are ready to look deeply into their own beliefs and practices to uncover the reasons for their financial challenges.
     I don’t suggest that everyone should want to be wildly wealthy, this is for attaining financial health and financial confidence with a whole mind, body, spirit approach.
     At this time I envision a maximum of 15 participants to adequately address each and every student’s needs and dreams.
What will be included?
1)      Daily practices that will enhance clarity, problem solving and connection to spirit for higher guidance.
2)      A 7 step program with syllabus that you can re-use as often as you want after the program ends.
3)      Tools to reveal to you the inner secrets you have been hiding from yourself, keeping you where you are
4)       7 one hour long bi-monthly group online/phone lessons and sharing with recordings available.
5)      Unlimited email support for questions and issues that may come up
6)      Actions to take after each lesson
7)      A private Facebook page for the group to share issues, solutions, celebrate ahas etc.
8)      An in-depth financial program that you, yourself will create and name
What I will require from you.
Pledge to honor yourself and others on our sacred path.
Making a commitment to follow through on your intentions to your best ability.
Take your homework seriously, realizing nothing will change unless you do.
Price will be determined later. Keep in mind, if it is too low, it is human nature to not invest your energy into it, or appreciate the information. Also, in keeping with honoring myself, I must be aware of the large time investment I will be contributing. BUT, this first pilot program will be at a greatly reduced price, as we together will be testing and experimenting to fine tune the material and exercises.
Tentative schedule:
7 sessions, one every two weeks in the third quarter of 2017

Please email me at osprey@ cfl.rr.com and let me know if you are interested in a commitment like this. I know you have the potential to succeed with this program! I would love to work with you!  🙂 

Why me?
Stockbroker for 22 years, then becoming a wealth coach, financial planner and money manager for last 11 years.
Chopra certified meditation instructor and wellbeing coach for 11 years
Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Trailblazer from Mike Dooley’s TUT.com program
Author of 4 books, two financial, two fiction
Went from single mom on food stamps to successful coach, author, and money manager