Two trees, strong and
firmly planted,
could only travel
through the experience
of their roots and leaves

For a few short moments
the leaves of the two trees,
anchored far apart,
lifted in the wind
and were carried side by side
till falling to the earth

As seasons passed
the leaves of the two trees
rhythmically intersected
and revealed the experiences
of their stationary creators

Their encounters were
fragile, yet meaningful
and the knowledge and
memories lived on
in the trees

And the trees,
though far apart,
grew to know
one another

“We will be here on earth
for a long time,”. They said
“and we will learn more
of each other,
and we will grow with
the shared ideas
and feelings, gathered
by our leaves,
and we will be better

More seasons passed
and the trees grew
boundlessly, with
unparalleled size
reaching high to the sky,
filling the surrounding air
and rooting deeper
into the earth
And one day
a miraculous day,
their roots and branches
grew so long
that they touched
in the soil and the breeze

Copyright© 2017 Kasey J. Claytor