It’s a Women’s World to be Had

Another report out today, this time from the World Economic Forum’s findings and projections revealing the gender gap is worsening. They rank countries by economic opportunities, education, political participation and health.

These kinds of reports send off alarm bells in my head. Not because I’m not aware of these realities, not because I don’t feel deeply for my sisters across the world, but because many of these disadvantages need not be, especially in our western countries.

I began my journey into the work world in the early eighties. I entered male dominated industries. I had a fire in my belly to succeed and where I found blocks that would not move, I sidestepped, blazed through, or left for more opportunity. In the year 2000 I finally fully awoke to the realization that fighting to move within this masculine hierarchy was foolish. I began my own company and have been joyously fulfilled ever since. (I must mention that I love men, and love working with men, and highly respect most of the men I’ve worked with.)

Going to work for a corporation still in the old paradigm, within the structure of the masculine hierarchy, is the problem for many women and men. They are dependent on the men in the company to see them, promote them, value them, etc. And the system was set up so long ago, the values, habits, and customs are outdated. I remember a manager telling me I would not be successful because I had a ‘warm’ personality. (He, with a harsh personality, ended in failure.)

If you are a woman working within a large corporation run mostly by men, take note. You’ve entered an old system that is becoming outdated. Why give your power and your future to something outside yourself? Learn all you can, hone your skills, and make a plan to take charge of your own career track. When you are told no find another way, because there always is another way. Brainstorm with others if you feel stuck.

And always take tender loving care of yourself. Find moments to get clarity, enter silence every day, this will help you see opportunities and solutions.

(Photo is of me over 30 years ago, brokerage days!)