Play Yourself Some Money

Many people find me and my site because they’ve googled money quizzes or money health, or something along the order of improving their financial life. I realize this and yet find myself going back to wellbeing over and over again. I have to pull myself back from that because I understand how important this is to people.

People think having lots of money will solve their problems; having lots of money will ease stress, make their lives more attractive and make them happier.

I’d like to address this, and how a healthy approach to money is imperative to making peace with the subject of money. It is the feelings of lack, the wishing, the grasping, the neediness that makes us suffer. Not our bank account balance. After all, most of us will eat today and tomorrow. Most of us have a dry, warm place to sleep. Therefore, the angst and despair over the idea of not having enough is where our suffering originates.


Some of the happiest people in the world have very little in the way of possessions and luxuries. It isn’t money that creates happiness and wellbeing.

The grasping and angst could be just what is wrong.

Avoiding learning about money

Holding a belief money is really hard to attain

Thinking wealthy people must be shady

Or, we don’t deserve it


We all know these concepts.

But what about this. Money is just a game. Some people know how to play the game better than others. They don’t take it so seriously. It could be their hobby. Challenging themselves to up their game to find a better paying job, or have a hobby that enables them to sell a product or a service, saving the extra cash.

It feels like a game to see how much can be put away each month in a savings or investment account.

It feels like a game to figure out what kind of trip you really want to go on and make a vision board about it, save toward it, and revisit imagining it often.

It feels like a game creating crafts around your vision, like the ‘Fun Account’ check book cover I showed on my money blog. I drew places I wanted to visit and words like, “unlimited” on it.

What are other ways you can make creating money playful? Asking the question will begin the movement of change.