Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it? The ground shaking? The great shuddering of the Earth? Somethings coming. Something’s happening. Something new we haven’t seen before.
     My world has been shifting anyway, in the last several weeks. Where once a government contractor occupied a small suite of offices downstairs, there is now an enchanting young woman exploding with enthusiasm on the entrepreneurial path. And another dynamic woman came looking at the suite but requested a small office for her service. Her contagious passion to start her own business convinced me that I needed to give up one of my own seldom used offices. It was my library, filled with over 1,000 books that were getting dusty. I was moved to donate them and clean out that room for her.
     At the same time, we hired an industrious, lovely woman starting her own eco-friendly cleaning service. Her work is thorough and she runs her business efficiently down to every detail!
     Three dynamic women whose generosity, demeanor, intelligence, passion, determination, energy, and positive outlook just knocked my socks off! And three of them are working in our building! YAY you Gen Xers!
     This is a mini explosion of female chutzpah like I’ve never seen! My two new tenants will be increasing wellbeing. One providing skin care, massage, and facials and one helping teens entering adulthood from the foster care system. They are both brilliant and still in the midst of attaining more accreditations and degrees. One will have her masters by the fall!
     We are seeing a shift emerging out of these wild and raucous times. Women are rising, not as whimpering victims, but as beautiful, intelligent and bold manifestors moving out of their safety zones to change the world, each in her own way.
     More women than ever are running for political office. More women than ever are stating their dissatisfaction and determined to do something to improve our world. I can’t wait to watch.