Complaining VS Doing

There is some complaining on social media about publications. Most of the complaining has an underlying assumption that we are powerless; we just have to subject ourselves to it. The way the news is presented, the way people are portrayed, the way groups are portrayed, is all put forth by people just like us working hard at their jobs. One recent example is a publication using a model who wasn’t your typical ideal of beauty, but showing authentically her own look. The magazine then published another version of the cover with a different uncommon model, (actually an older woman like myself) also authentically with her own look. People on social media were posting blistering comments about the publication for not using the first version solely. The poor publication had to offer an apology.

I have good news. You were born to this life with your own power. You are given an opportunity to use your life any way you choose. You can complain about whatever is out there in the world. You can get riled up about anything you want. But you don’t have to.

You have the power to do something. For example, you can start your own magazine and run it just how you like. You have the power to express yourself and your beliefs as you like, just like the magazine does. Attacking, blaming, ridiculing, condemning another expression doesn’t advance the culture. And your voice isn’t heard, if anything it expands the anger. Instead of attacking, why not go out into the world and show us your version. Create your expression. Actually, it is missed if you don’t.

Nothing in this world will be perfectly aligned to your particular wants and needs. This is no reason to be unhappy in your life. Look around and you will see a zillion reasons why the world is rife with opportunities for happiness, joy, love and kindness.

Statue of Ghandi in London