Happy Spring!

Spring is a time of year many of us feel energetic and more motivated to clean up, clear out and start anew. I was talking with a friend yesterday, and she was revamping her whole house. This entailed her going through all stored items and she found some memories, keepsakes and her personal, meaningful writings. This shifted her to think about possible new directions.
     I, too have caught the cleaning and clearing bug. In cleaning out an old file drawer, and throwing away most of the irrelevant paperwork, I gained a greater sense of clarity. I kept going with my cleaning and repairing things. I ended up finally re-stuffing my childhood stuffed animal, and that led to writing a children’s story. This story is from a memory I have of a vivid, captivating dream when I was an 8-year-old!
     Who knows what new direction Spring Clearing will send you? It doesn’t need to be limited to spiffing up your home. We can do the following things below, one or two at a time, and really invite more clarity and openness into our lives.
     We also have announcements, i.e a new book, review of a new health aid, and a Hay House Radio interview, which can be found in the next blog called  What’s New.
Peace, Love and Wellbeing,
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Ideas to help you get going
1)      Gather your statements and see if you have small accounts that you’re not
paying attention to, or others that you may have concerns about. You can combine some of the small, ignored accounts. You can also have a review with your advisor to make sure your investments are properly allocated for your goals.
2)      Make sure you have current beneficiaries on all accounts that should have them.
3)      Listen to your self-talk when thinking about your financial life, and be aware of those thoughts that may be holding your prosperity back.
1)      What foods can you eliminate from your diet that are causing toxic clutter within your system? Reducing sugar, animal products, snacks and junk food will give you not only better health, but clearer thinking and more energy.
2)      Eliminate late night eating and drink that will interrupt a good night’s sleep.
3)      Eliminate clutter in and around your home. Each room you enter should hold carefully chosen items that bring you joy when your eyes fall upon them.
1)      What habits or routines may be blocking your spiritual awareness? Soft addictions, like social media or mindless TV may eat up time better spent in practices such as mindfulness, meditation, exercise, yoga, reading, or being engaged in groups dedicated to spiritual studies, etc.
2)      Look at ways to reduce the negative traffic in your mind. We can’t change what we aren’t aware of. Until we learn to observe our thoughts from a higher perspective, we have no control over them, thus can dictate our lives. The more we focus on the steps just stated, the more we do gain control over those self-defeating thoughts.
3)      Reduce or eliminate toxic media. A diet of violent shows, horrific news, even people you come into contact with that are discouraging or disparaging, causes a toxic emotional buildup that may affect your health and wellbeing. Excuse yourself, and proceed to other activities!
And have a Happy Spring!