What’s New

Several things coming up:
Friday, March 29th Hay House Radio Show, Bright New Voices: The Balboa Press Hour. Kasey’s interview talking about the novel, The Light of Grace, is approximately 15 minutes, and we will send more details as the date approaches. A recording will be available later if you miss it.


Insight Timer now offers bedtime stories. This is the app Kasey has recommended for tracking meditations and finding a wide variety of guided meditations. Kasey has an Intro to Meditation there,  and now her, A Little Bedtime Story, What She Picked up on Her Path. Just search her name.


By popular demand Kasey is planning some Ayurvedic talks over the summer. Exact dates to be announced. One will be on a purely donation basis, Aging Gracefully with Ayurveda, a brief introduction to practices that will enliven your later years.

Have you heard of the Oura ring? A fascinating product out of Finland that tracks your sleep stages, (light, deep and REM) sleep quality, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate, activity, naps, steps, inactivity alerts and more. Kasey just received and set hers up, and will be sharing her review in the coming weeks. She will also share a way you can get $50.00 off.