A quick note to let you know I will be at a retreat this coming week. It is called Panchakarma; a week of care and treatments overseen by an Ayurvedic physician, to detoxify and balance you back to wellbeing. It’s for everyone, whether you are just desiring to maximize your health or dealing with serious health issues.

I will have daily treatments prescribed by the doctor that include massage, herbs, specialized diet, herbal teas, yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation.

Since it is a detoxifying process it includes eliminating screen time. What we take in with our eyes, ears and emotionally can also be toxic, so this cleansing time is sans all that could be considered toxifying. (No news!)

By the way, I mentioned in the last newsletter, I received an Oura Ring to track my sleep patterns, heartbeat changes, and activity. I am working on a review for you.  So far, I’ve been very intrigued to see how what I do before bed, what I eat and how I move through the day affects important sleep stages. I am most interested in how these measurements change during and after the Panchakarma. I will make a full report to you on how the week affects my numbers. I think it will be fascinating; we will see. So, you most likely won’t see me on social media for a bit.

Here is a link to my Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Vijay Jain, and his center in Flagler Beach, Florida.

Have a wonderful week.