Imagine a World Without Mirrors

What would that be like? Some things would surely change. Like:

  • Getting ready to go out for the day, your judgement on how you look would vastly change
  • If you like a garment and it feels good on you, you would just wear it. No worry what it looks like in a full-length mirror.
  • You may evaluate your readiness to go out into the world more by how you feel.
  • You may judge how you’re doing physically by your feelings of vitality, energy, nimbleness, comfort and wellbeing.

We may want to challenge ourselves to go a weekend without looking in a mirror. Would be interesting for many. Cover those mirrors with material.

But your REAL mirror is your LIFE—in truth your life is revealed not by a mirror reflection, but by what you see reflected back as you move through your days, weeks and months. How you react to what you see and hear; what you notice among a myriad of stimuli, what you are attracted to or repelled by, is all mirroring your inner state. We all experience the same events differently. Our memories change over time, and we feel different emotions from the same stimuli. That is because our perception is forming our experience and our perception is a manifestation of our consciousness.

By observing your life, stepping back and witnessing from your inner-self or inner-guidance, you can learn how to change what is reflecting back to you. For instance:

  • Are you getting caught up in other’s dramas?
  • Are your thoughts about another causing you to suffer?
  • Are you judging yourself without compassion?
  • Are you mentally fusing over things you have no control over?

By questioning our thoughts, we become aware of what we notice, what we out-picture, and how it is affecting us and thus change our lives.

A happy person lives in a pleasant world. An unhappy person lives in a world of struggle.

The world becomes the mirror of our internal conversation.

Photo on Unsplash by Taylor Smith