For Our Suffering

For those of you who are burdened under the weight of the great amount of suffering in the world:

            I know; we can’t move through the day without being bombarded with terrible news from all corners of the globe. And how do we find peace and love in a world like this?

            Know this. It has always been so. Those who know history know the great suffering throughout time. Before recorded time, there was suffering.

            Our world is a dense, heavy world, but it also holds immense beauty. One can sense the divine surrounding us, if one is attuned to it.

            Yes, it can be difficult. We have so many distractions. We find ourselves suffering along with those, humans and animals, experiencing tragedies. Our sadness, our grief, our horror is understandable.

            But then, how does this help; our posting bad news, our talking about it, our sharing our fear of a future where things continue to erode and continuing to fall into despair?

            I can remember the great fear in the 1970s when scientists said we were going into an ice age, and gas was limited, and we had long gas lines at the pump. We were told not to put up Christmas lights to save electricity. And then in the late 70s early 80s, interest rates on mortgages went so high, up to 16%, hardly anyone could buy a home. The ozone was deteriorating and we were all going to burn up. Then the wars.

            My suggestion is to look at your life, your days and all the good in them, then process your sadness and do what you can. Do your part to inspire others. Open your eyes to all the humans who are helping, who are awake and know what the world needs, and support them. They’ve always been around. Change usually happens slowly, but I’ve seen big leaps lately.

            So, feel for the suffering of others, but limit the time staying in that state of mind. Staying there does nothing productive.

Live the kind of life you can admire.