Let’s make this year count!

We know we won’t attract, fulfill, and experience great success by sitting at home staring at our devices. But do you also know opportunity is knocking? Are you listening?
            We often make excuses. Too busy, I have plenty of time to explore that path, business or project down the road. Or, ‘when I have more confidence, feel more self-worth, develop more knowledge’, etc. etc.
            There isn’t any other way of doing it, as far as I know, but to begin. Just begin. Today. One step, then another.
One thing we’ve done, I fear, to the younger generation, is to mistakenly believe that we can raise them in such a way that they will feel good about themselves, have self-worth, and forge their own way courageously in the world when they grow up.
Photo by Joseph Gonzales on Unsplash
            But self-worth is earned from accomplishments. You see, when we go through struggles to succeed, when we push out into the world with our bright ideas, creations and productivity, we earn the feelings it generates. When we fail, we can feel proud for trying and proud for picking ourselves up and starting over.
            No one can give you confidence or feelings of self-worth. It is all up to you.
So, write that list of goals. Find others who have accomplished what you want and emulate them. Embrace those scary feelings as a sign this is really a big and exciting deal! And you can move through them.
I’m looking forward to all that we will explore together this year.