Stand Down

Stand Down


Stand down. I was given this direction last year from my inner guidance, when going through a very difficult family situation. What does this mean?

   says 1: to leave the witness stand. 2 chiefly British. a: to go off duty. b: to withdraw from a contest, a position of leadership, or a state of alert or readiness.

            Ever since then, this term keeps arising in my mind, to my benefit. It is a reminder when I begin to emotionally build up a readiness to take over, take control, push against a situation or a person’s behavior. That readiness is warranted in certain cases, of course; when a child is nearing danger, when someone is hurt, etc. But when it is a murky, gray area, when there is no immediate danger, and it is just an opinion you have, it is a good idea to stand down. Withdraw from acting.  Reevaluate. Ask yourself; is there is any emergency here? What I am thinking about it, and is that really true?

            This is an invaluable practice to shift from judgmental thoughts about someone else’s behavior. Is it really your business? Giving yourself time to withdraw from the situation and find some stillness inside will allow clearer thinking, possibly better choices.

            When people come to me with their problems, it is often actually not their problem at all, but their judgment about someone else’s choices, and it leaves them frustrated.

            You can find relief knowing when it is time to stand down. Can you find something in your life right now that would feel right to stand down from?