Let Your Life Flow Through You

What do you do when it seems as though the world is imploding? When all around you the scaffolding of your life that held your assumptions and stability seem to be slipping out from under you?
    Realize it was never there in the first place. Every day, when we awaken, we create our lives anew. When things around us fail it doesn’t mean we failed. The illusion is always shifting.
Nothing can stay the same. The very nature of reality is a continuous evolution.
     We all have a niche on something we do, are, create, or provide. We all are inspired when we feel passionate. With all that is going on, I see many of us losing touch with that passion.
    Passion is integral to a fulfilling life; it’s a natural expression of wellbeing.
    As I wrote about a few weeks ago, a friend asked me, “What are you excited about?”. Just posing that question led to more inquiries for myself. It shifted my whole mindset from the daily issues and problems to, Yeah, what am I going to create the rest of this year? And next year? Where do I want to be? How do I want to be? What do I really want?
    Once you begin this questioning you might feel blocked. It may have been so long since you stopped to ask yourself these questions. If so, don’t worry if answers don’t come right away. Ask, then sit gently, quietly, with eyes closed. Let it simmer in the depths of your being. Then let it go.
    It won’t be long before ideas begin to appear.
    Did you know more millionaires were made during the depression era than ever had before? More opportunities arose with cheaper labor and costs. Entrepreneurial spirit grew from need. And market needs change with the political, economic, and cultural changes. In our case, now with the pandemic, we have growing needs for services and products that provide ways to get together virtually, safe delivery of food and supplies, safe delivery of health care, education, entertainment, physical fitness, organizational needs, finances, career planning, life coaching and so on. Most needs can be met with adapting to the changing situations.
    Keep asking. When you pick up the mantle of your dreams, your life becomes strong and clear.
    You’ve got to let your life flow through you.
Andrew Neel, Unsplash