Signs we are blocking our own Prosperity

There are books a plenty on how to create prosperity. Most focus on what you can do to become more financially successful. But what if you are unconsciously thwarting these efforts? What if you don’t see these telltale signs? I call this financial clutter. The first chapter of a book I am writing on prosperity is about elimination. What behaviors, beliefs and habits might you eliminate?  Here are a few for you to think about.
1) Someone pays you with a check and you drive around with it in your purse or wallet for days or weeks before depositing it.
2) Someone tells you about a job opportunity for more money and you immediately disregard it before even considering it.
3) You find yourself avoiding learning the basics of financial wellbeing.
4) You feel envious toward others who have acquired more than you.
5) You keep putting off that degree or certification that you know will up your financial security.
6) You feel desiring money is somehow wrong or not spiritual.
7) You give or loan money to friends or relatives that you really can’t afford to.
8) You make emotional decisions regarding your investments instead of sticking to a solid plan.
9) You dip into your retirement accounts unnecessarily.
10) You have multiple small (orphan) accounts spread far and wide and don’t keep up with them.
Money by itself is inert. It is symbolic of goods and services, yes, but it also can be symbolic of love, or withholding of love, success, power, competence, status, etc. Therefore, can be an emotional topic. We can peel away the emotions from it to see it for what it is. A simple tool that works simply for us.
Most of us feel good about helping others and making a significant contribution in the world. And we can do that in many non-financial ways. Having enough money and then some enables us to be generous, to make a difference in new ways and that is fulfilling.