Our Renaissance Plan for 2021

First of all, please allow me to be redundant by including the writing in the second section that I sent to our financial community. I know some of you receive both newsletters.

It has been a tough year for most of us so I wanted to dig deep within, and suggest you do also, to come up with a Renaissance Plan for the coming year.

Did you know in the mid-1300s there was a global pandemic of bubonic plague? It was devastating, and no one knew how to treat the sick. It killed an estimated 35 million people and up to 60 percent of those infected died. What is interesting is in the next few centuries there was a rebirth, or renaissance of arts and science unlike any other period in history.

When we look at calamities and crises, we can often find a re-awakening, new innovations, and changes that evolve us up the levels of consciousness. I’d like to move this along for myself and those around me. May we all do it together?

Our community is full of talent, awareness, light and gifts of all types; and all of these are needed. May you be a bright hope to others—a beacon: strong and stable, even when you don’t feel like you have anything to offer. Just by being yourself, the way you were made, you add something to the whole that only you can. Hold space for hope and understanding.

Remember you have access to unlimited spiritual ‘energy’, powerful love. As I wrote in the ‘Light of Grace, Journeys of an Angel’, you’re always supported by unseen forces. We lose touch with this when we stay in our heads with worry, anxiety, fear or anger. All the things we teach in Yoga and Ayurveda are designed to help us reconnect.

Shoot me an email if you need encouragement. Let’s be there for each other and make 2021 a healing and joyful year.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Holidays

Peace, Love and Wellbeing,

Kasey Claytor


It has been a tough year for most of us, and for some it’s been almost unbearable. We feel for everyone who has suffered this year, those near and far.

Now we are on the verge of a new year, and perhaps a good start over. We’ve sure had plenty to complain about.

In 2021 let’s turn that around. Let’s shift toward noticing what around us is good; things and experiences to be grateful for; who is in our lives, the comforts we have, the fresh air we breathe, the smiles, the market and economic recovery, and hope. We all have reasons to feel gratitude. We can’t feel gratitude while complaining!

Let’s bring to the forefront the virtues we hold to be important, such as integrity, compassion, courage, generosity, patience, modesty, and honesty.

And most importantly, the love we have between all of us, the most powerful thing we have that nothing can destroy.

We wish you a peaceful and meaningful holiday season.

Osprey Money Management