They’re Flying Off The Shelves!!!!

I must say I’ve been blown away by the book sales since the Money Map came out. This is my 7th book, and I’ve never been so surprised by the high interest. Could the reason be because it is about money? I’m betting so! I posted an excerpt below explaining just how important our financial life is to our comfort and security. A big thank you to all who’ve taken the time to purchase this book. May you have complete financial wellbeing!

For those who live in Central Florida, I am considering a book talk to go over the points necessary to our financial success and wellbeing. Books will be available to be signed. Dates possible right now are Friday, Nov 17th or Saturday the18th. Please reply to this email if interested. Unless it is a very large group, we can meet in our conference room in Titusville.

To Your Prosperity and Wellbeing,

Kasey Claytor

“The Purusharthas, mentioned in the Indian Vedic texts, are a large body of religious writings by ancient, enlightened seers. They list four aims of life: that of purpose, (Dharma), material security, (Artha), pleasure and relationships, (Kama), and freedom, self-realization, (Moksha). Even the great sages of India knew without material security we will have deficits in our wellbeing. Artha is the security of having the material resources we need to live in the world with ease. It is a basic human dignity. And for any of us to take care of our families without money crises, it’s necessary to have material balance.

Financial success is a spiritual goal.”

From the introduction to the Money Map, A Spiritual Guide for Financial Success

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